Developing Sky

Game Idea: Deep Core

  • Apr 20 2013

You are hired by a massive corporation to coordinate the mining and exploration efforts of faraway planet/moon using remotely controlled robotic drones. The world is persistent similar to Minecraft, (Maybe voxel or overhead 2D, but I haven't settled on a board yet.) Control of the drones would be similar to Dwarf Fortress, but smoother UI/controls. Where drones are given jobs, which become more proficient/specialized in that job. Game play will involve base building, researching, construction(crafting), upgrading the drones, and defending the base from the environment. I'd like to add a multi-player component incorporating teams that are might be hostile to each other.

The player also must balance using the mined minerals for upgrades and building, or shipping them back home where they are sold for currency. Currency is used to purchase software upgrades for the drones, and bandwidth which is required to increase the number of drones controlled.

Spicy Italian Sausage and Beef Stew

  • Nov 11 2012

A spicy mixture of beef and sausage perfect for a cold day and hardy meal. I prefer this stew spicy, but if that is not your thing, replace the spicy Italian sausage with sweet Italian sausage, and don't add the dried red peppers. I've been tweeking this recipe for a while now, and each time it turns out a little bit different.

This should take a minimum of 4 hours from start to your ready to eat it for the best flavor. But leftovers will taste even better than it fresh. This recipe was designed for my crock pot which is the normal medium/small, so you might need to adjust the quantity of items if your pot is much larger/smaller.

Intelij's RubyMine Adding RubyMotion Support. (In Early Access)

  • Oct 24 2012

Intelij's RubyMine has added Early Access support for RubyMotion, a framework for developing iOS applications in Ruby. RubyMine is a great IDE for Ruby on Rails development, but also is an excellent IDE for general JS/HTML/CSS projects.

Any developer who is already using RubyMotion the RubyMine integration would be very helpful. RubyMine is already very tightly integrated with Ruby on Rails and Ruby in general. Hopefully the new framework will be just as well integrated, but you'll probably encounter bugs, and missing integration points until the RubyMotion integration has been included for several months.

Cabify A RubyMotion success story.

Post Apocalyptic Game Idea

  • Oct 20 2012

Post apocalyptic world where humankind has been forced to generally revert to a early industry age mixed with highly advanced ancient technology which has been failing for the past several generations. The remaining humans live in ancient cities built by their ancestors during the great plague. The cities are enclosed in a form of force field which keeps the corrupted world outside from infecting the citizens.

The story has a setting / theme similar to a western, but with ancient technologies people are desperately trying to repair, and find replacement parts for. While trying to survive the harsh world.

Apollo: Websocket Game Based in Go

  • Jun 25 2012

I recently wanted to learn more about HTML5 websockets, and Go seemed like a great language to build the experiment with. The prototype of Apollo can be found on github.

My latest version of Apollo is available online. It is a simple block color matching game. When a player joins they will be put into a game. If there are no preexisting games, which is not full, one will be created for them. I've put an arbitrary limit of 5 players per game. The game will randomly send out new blocks to all clients, and when player makes a select that selection is broadcast to all users as an update.